Enjoy a true body work session where you benefit from a therapist who has 15 years experience in reading the body and applying appropriate techniques.

Work with me to find ways to deal individually with your physical and emotional stress.

Look after yourself so you can perform at your personal best

Take responsiblity for your own stress levels so you are a joy to be around

Take time out to replenish your own 'well of joy' and be able to share it with others

Therapeutic Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Sports Massage in Alice Springs

Stretching, Tok Sen, Aromatherapy, Hot Rocks, Pain relief

Sports Massage

Warming the body with vigourous massage techniques and then application of deeper massage to release knots and tight muscle tissue. Often this treatment will involve longer time on smaller areas eg 1 hour on the neck and shoulders to work deeply through the muscle fibre


Gentle Thai Stretching

Thai massage is a liberating stretching experience which makes you feel centred and calmly energised after the treatment. You won’t leave feeling groggy or over stimulated. I learn together with my clients and my teachers -working towards health and well-being, linked with your current set of life circumstances.



Feel free to use your session as an opportunity to talk through stress management issues. I have a general counseling qualification and can offer basic assistance. However, if you need in-depth treatment for serious issues, please seek a qualified psychologist. Free online counselling is available at 7 Cups of Tea

Millionaire Lifestyle

Since 2010 (5 years ago) I have work for 12 weeks, travelled overseas for 4 weeks, then repeat…I work from home, doing Web Site Design in the mornings and Massage in the afternoons. Both businesses now have clients on a 6-12 month waiting list… Strangely, the less I worked the more $ I made…. you can do it too!

Drop Me a Line

I am generally booked out 6 months in advance. If you would like to become a client, please contact me to go on the waiting list. All new clients require a referral from an existing client or a health care professional.

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Please note that I am not registered for Health Fund rebates.