Therapeutic Massage & Counselling

with Jane Clark



I have been a massage therapist for over 16 years and have studied continuously over that period.

I practice deep tissue sports massage and remedial techniques.  The treatment can be as deep or gentle as you like and incorporates hot compresses, aromatherapy and hot rocks.

I have trained in Traditional Northern Lanna Style Thai Massage in Thailand at several prestigious schools. I regularly travel to Chiang Mai for further study and to enrich my understanding of body work. I continue to study always.

I have an interest in Counselling and believe the physical and emotional are closely linked. Counselling involves therapeutic conversations leading to deeper understanding, support and resolve.
** For more complex and serious issues, I recommend you see a psychologist or medical practitioner.




Book a session and we will talk about how to use that time.

Table massage – this is using oil and we use the massage table – sports massage, deep tissue, relaxation, hot rocks etc

Thai massage (assisted yoga, stretching, tok sen) – fully clothed on a floor mat

Combination (minimum time 90 minutes) – table massage followed by thai stretching (assisted yoga), tok sen

Counselling – as needed, as conversations happen, as part of your treatment

1 HOUR $95

90 MINUTES $140

2 HOURS $190

3 HOURS $285

Thai massage and assisted yoga – that’s me underneath the client 🙂



Web Designer in the morning, Massage Therapist in the afternoon

In 2010 (7 years ago) I came up with my adventure lifestyle challenge. I wondered whether it would be possible to work for 12 weeks, travel overseas for 4 weeks, then repeat… it worked! and that has been my lifestyle ever since.

I also divided up my day, working from home, doing Web Site Design in the mornings and Massage in the afternoons. Both businesses now have clients on a 6-12 month waiting list… Strangely, the less I worked the more $ I made….

How did I do it? I’m still looking back defining all the little turns in life which lead to this balance.. and I may write about it one day.

I am 55 and have 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren.  I have owned restaurants in the past (and a disco in the 80’s).  I have been a web designer for 22 years and was an elected town councillor for 8 years.  All these things go together to create harmony and balance in a person’s life, whatever age you are and whatever experiences come your way.






Phone or SMS

0417 864 935


I am generally booked out 4-6 months ahead.

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** New clients must have a referral from an existing client or a qualified health practitioner.